How to Charge the Battery of the 2019 Honda Insight

April 1st, 2021 by

A Self-Charging Wonder

The Honda Insight is back for 2019, having been reborn in the form of a third-generation for this pioneering hybrid. We’re really enjoying this new vehicle: in particular, the mind-blowing fuel economy.

As a hybrid vehicle, the four-cylinder gas engine of the 2019 Insight is paired with an electric motor that kicks in to assist at key moments to save gas. This allows the vehicle to get 55 mpg in the city and 49 on the highway, numbers that simply blow away most of the competition.

However, you may be wondering: where does the electric motor get its power? How does one charge the battery* of the 2019 Honda Insight?

Charging the Battery of the 2019 Honda Insight

We’ve actually got some intriguing news for you- you don’t have to manually charge the battery of the 2019 Honda Insight.

When driving this vehicle, the electric motor will generate electricity automatically whenever you hit the brakes or let off the gas. This recurring dose of electric power recharges the battery/electric motor automatically as you go.

Because of this convenient “charge while driving” ability, the 2019 Honda Insight does not have to be plugged in. The motor generates all the electric power needed to charge.

The electric motor of the 2019 Honda Insight can survive through this type of charging because it’s more of a helper than a main powerhouse. However, the EV driving mode is available which allows the 2019 Honda Insight to travel powered only by the electric motor, but this only works for short distances and lower speeds. To use this mode, the electric motor must have a certain level of

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